Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions relating to our services.


  1. The King George Conference Centre reserves the right to decline any booking or part thereof.
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  2. All bookings are subject to confirmation of availability of the appropriate room(s) and/or additional facilities and services.
  3. We are concerned for your health and safety and that of the centre. You are required to obtain prior approval if you wish to fix items to the walls, floors or ceilings.
  4. Prices quoted include VAT at the rate prevailing when the Contract was prepared and are subject to alterations should the rate change.
  5. The company reserves the right to change a conference room without prior notice to the client should a more suitable room become available.


A booking will only be considered as confirmed when either; it has been guaranteed with a credit card number, upon payment of the appropriate non-refundable deposit or on receipt of a written confirmation from a client with approved credit facilities.


For events, conferences and meetings where a credit facility is not accepted in advance, the following non-refundable deposits will be necessary;

  1. A deposit of 50% of the confirmed value is payable at the time of the confirmation.
  2. The balance of the confirmed value is payable 3 months prior to arrival.
  3. A damage waiver deposit may be requested which is refundable if no damage is caused, or complaints from hotel guests or residents received.

Where the confirmed booking has been made on behalf of another party, the person or company that made the booking is liable for all payments and costs unless stated otherwise, in which case the payment methods above apply.


The Conference Centre may cancel the bookings under the following circumstances:

(a)   If the Conference Centre or any part of it is closed due to circumstances outside its control. Force Majeure, which includes war, threat of war, riots, civil disobediences or strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond the companies control

(b)   If the Client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or bankruptcy

(c)   If the Client is more than 14 days in arrears with any payments to the Hotel.

(d)   If it may prejudice the mutation of or cause damage to the Conference Centre.

(e)   In such an event the Conference Centre will refund any advance payment made but will have no further liability to the Client.

If the Client cancels a reservation(s) less than 6 months in advance, the Conference Centre reserves the right to claim the following sums as a cancellation fee or in relation to the reduced numbers no longer attending unless a booking is obtained for the same dates from a third party on no less favourable terms:

(a)   Cancellations between 3 and under 8 months in advance – deposit forfeited.

(b)   Cancellations under 3 months in advance – 100% of total anticipated charges.

 In all instances, notifications of cancellation or reduction in numbers must be made in writing and will be effective on the date received and acknowledged in writing by the Conference Centre. Any variances to these terms and conditions should be agreed prior to signing the contract.


The client agrees to pay the centre for any food, beverages, or other services not provided for in this contract but made obtainable upon the request of the client of a representative, unless the centre has received particular instructions in writing that such services are provided only on the basis of direct cash settlement by the guest or attendee.


The King George Conference Centre does not accept liability for the loss of damage to property owned by or in possession of the client whilst the property is on the centre premises. The client is advised to arrange appropriate insurance cover at all times.


The King George Conference Centre accepts no responsibility for death, bodily injury, or disease arising from any cause whatsoever to persons attending or visiting the premises, except for legal liability arising due to the negligence of the hotel, employees, or representatives.


All Provisional Bookings are subject to payment by the Deposit Due Date of a deposit, which is non-refundable. The client should ensure that the client or attendees and guests of the client shall observe a high standard of behaviour at all times and the centre reserves the right to expel or remove any guest or attendee behaving in a manner which it regards at its own discretion, as detrimental to the standing of the centre are likely to cause inconvenience or annoyance to any other guest or user. In the event of such actions by the centre, the centre shall not be obliged to pay any compensation or make any refunds to the client. The King George Conference Centre shall not be liable for any breach of this contract because of strikes, labour disputes, accidents or other causes beyond its control.